A complete guide for a budget-friendly wedding in India


‘Wedding’ the most blissful and glorified event of an individual’s life. A person is delighted in sheer when they decide to tie a knot to someone that is, fortunately, their ideal match and a lifetime companion who will relish every happy moment and gallantly stand and leap every challenge of life together. Every Indian household […]

Tips to avoid fraud on online matrimony websites


In this pandemic situation, matrimonial sites are acting rapidly to reexamine vital and operational plans. However, the fraud trends are still increasing day by day. The internet is full of websites that are either fake, false, or a trick. It’s a pitiful reality of life. You see, the advancement of the internet has brought with […]

How to plan a safe wedding during covid-19


Since the world is facing an unfortunate wave of a pandemic and that has been experienced globally due to the Covid-19 and the world is distressed due to such an unpleasant environment where people are highly tense of the proceedings of their day-to-day life. Every sector today is undergoing complications and majorly a couple who […]