A complete guide for a budget-friendly wedding in India


‘Wedding’ the most blissful and glorified event of an individual’s life. A person is delighted in
sheer when they decide to tie a knot to someone that is, fortunately, their ideal match and a
lifetime companion who will relish every happy moment and gallantly stand and leap every
challenge of life together.

Every Indian household is highly exhilarated by the wedding as it is the event of families, rituals,
guests, music and many other favourable elements that drive complete happiness to the family
and to the bride and groom to be.

A wedding is absolutely a single word but accommodates multiple things under its shed. The
rituals and proceeding vary on families and their beliefs, but the events such as Haldi, Mehndi,
Sangeet and many others are the ideal events of the current wedding plethora.

All the above functions ranging from sangeet to the day of wedding requires a bunch of planning
and preparation. The things have to be short-listed according to the requirements to execute a
wedding function that is as flat as a pancake. Every individual binds a wish to host a bewildering
wedding and bring the guests in awe.

How Budget plays a vital role in the wedding


Every activity or event requires a budget for a subtle functioning of an event. The budget
decides the expansion of a particular execution.

Budget is the most important aspect that should get a maximum ray of concern when it comes
to weddings. An individual short-lists a budget respective to every count and forthcoming
expense in their subconscious and then finalizes a budget to host a favourable wedding.

Sometimes the budget gets a tad a bit unstable due to the improvisations on the event, but one
should undoubtedly manage the event in a budget that is suitable according to their pocket.

How to plan a suitable budget for your wedding


Planning a budget is as important as the striking decision of getting married. A budget plays a
crucial role in hosting a wedding event. Each event should proceed in a facile manner and, this
is accessible with the aid of adequate budget planning.

Various cost factors need to be focused on as if those factors are not budgeted properly it can
create a misalignment in the plan and execution of the event.

Following are the budget concern elements to be focused on


Off-Season Wedding Date

The things are low in cost when they are asked at the span when demand is low. The wedding
wave in India is probably in action during winters. Book your dates off-season and get an
affordable budget due to off-season booking.

Fuse your Events

A wedding is not just a matter of a single event. Multiple events lay under the shed of weddings
like Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet and many more, as the list expands the cost sheet also increases
the zeroes. To control the expense, merge the events like Sangeet and Mehndi on a particular
day. To make it more budget-friendly, host the events at home.


Guestlist is the primary concern of the family at the wedding era, an excessive number of guests
will undoubtedly flare the digits of your budget. To have a hold on budget recheck your guest list
and invite wisely.


The foremost questionable factor is the selection of venues. The venue is the most capital
required aspect as the majority of people tend to book a luxurious locus for the main event
which doubles the budget.

Book a simpler and sober venue with a lawn or a hall that suffices the core motive.

The Indian society is obsessed with food at weddings. Do not book an overrated menu that has
some of the fancy elements. Focus on the food that has quality and taste and which fits your


The decoration is the most bizarre aspect that the youth are inclined towards. Choosing a
glittery and thoroughly decor will unnecessary make you face the exceeded budget sheet. Opt
for a decoration that is sober and subtle that will add grace to your event.

Keep the following charts of the budget in your consciousness for a pocket-friendly wedding

Remember to choose the accurate spot of investment just like you chose your life partner!


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