How to plan a safe wedding during covid-19


Since the world is facing an unfortunate wave of a pandemic and that has been experienced globally due to the Covid-19 and the world is distressed due to such an unpleasant environment where people are highly tense of the proceedings of their day-to-day life.

Every sector today is undergoing complications and majorly a couple who chose to step into the most blissful phase of their life together by tieing an undetachable knot to each other.
Amidst the current breeze of distancing it is a point of stress to choose to get married or host any other wedding functions.

Love is a phenomenon that cannot be qued if the two personalities are assertive towards spending their second innings of life under the warmth of the presence of each other. But on the other hand, the terms of a pandemic should also be in one’s consciousness as it is the prime responsibility to take care of the health of oneself and others. Although there are official guidelines provided by the government to not erupt on the occasion of the wedding.

If you are ever thinking that you are unable to execute your wedding, we are here to assist you in every way possible to make your wedding a safe and glorified event during this wave of the pandemic.

Firstly, you are not the only one in the bubble of worry there are thousands of couples who are spending their minutes in apprehension regarding their wedding event.

If you have perfectly planned to opt for a wedding you must drag the compartment of your event under the shed of certain measures and guidelines for a safe, successive, and hassle-free wedding occasion.
Bringing light into your wedding day there is a certain approach to flare the zeal of your wedding.

Accurate measures to get married in Covid-19


We solemnly understand the importance of your glorious event and because we contribute to driving the best matches around the nation is our prime duty to provide you with an essential plan to organise your wedding event.

Virtual Wedding


Virtuality is one of the foremost used aspects in the uncertain span of Covid-19. According to research, 71% of the people have opted for the virtual wedding during the pandemic. As the globe is experiencing and maintaining the distance, the virtual tools are providing a sense of physical meet to get the things in a funnel and suffice the motive of the people. Thus Virtual Wedding is the most suitable phenomenon for your Covid-19 wedding.

There are elite video calling applications such as Zoom, Skype, and many more host a virtual wedding on these applications. Host one with the assistance of the application and begin with all the bliss and positivity.

Wedding Invitation for Virtual Wedding


Firstly short-list the guest and prepare a forward message for the people who are on your list. Inform them about the virtual wedding and provide them with the invitation with a suitable time and further instructions.

Steps to make your Virtual Wedding more interesting

  • Decorate the place of the event or create a background for the guest, it enhances the event and gives a sense of pleasant greetings to the guests attending.
  • Plan a music playlist for the occasion with the aid of music applications and download the songs that are the default melodies of every wedding.
  • Provide a give and away if your guest list is minimal, these will make them more engaging towards the wedding.


Outdoor Wedding with all safety measures

Since the wedding is the most precious and glorified event of a person’s life. A person binds multiple desires regarding their wedding. But unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, there is a halt on all plans and desires for health safety reasons.

Although the government has initiated safety guidelines, we will provide you with the measures to enhance your event of the wedding with all the safety.

Limit the guest list


As part of the guideline minimum count of guests is allotted for the wedding. Draft a message to the people whom you couldn’t invite unfortunately due to the pandemic.

Speak to vendor and guests

Having a word solves the issue, while in the course of blueprinting your wedding, have a word of concern with the guests and vendors regarding the safety and guidelines.

Provide PPE kits to vendors


Stockpile PPE kits for the vendors to stand a point ahead of the safety matter, as there should be no stone unturned in undertaking the safety measures for a safe and successive wedding.

Along with all the measures, Mask and Sanitization should be the serving element in the wedding
By executing the following measures and plan you can thoroughly achieve a glorious and safe wedding.


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