Top 10 Facts about sacred matrimony

Marriages are one of the most precious aspects of an individual’s life, and the serenity of the concept flares up when it comes to the land of seekers, India. India is known for its traditional and pleasant chaos of occasions.
Marriages in India are yonder than an occasion, well not only in India, marriage is a stage where two bodies dwell into a single soul for the rest of their every minute.
The Indian wedding binds the traditional aspects that amplify the purity of an event. Every religion holds its elegance that sums up as one in an Indian wedding. This makes the Indian wedding peculiar.

Culture and Rituals

Culture and ritual are the main tools of the Indian wedding. The concept and the proceedings of the event will be unfolded in the direction of these two aspects.
As India beholds a vast list of religions and every religion has its own culture, every culture has its ritual. Hence every Indian wedding has a peculiar spice in it.
Rituals bind the dignity and the presence of the culture that somewhere leaves a sense of identity to people that the following wedding proceeds in this religion.
Although it is a traditional function, the primary impetus is to glorify the wedding and respect every culture that brings peace and fortune in our lives.

Religion is a flowerpot.

Multiple beautiful aspects, when bound together, they sum into an enchantress just like a flower pot. When all the religions and cultures stand as a whole, there is a massive reflection of beauty.
India, where the language changes every 2 kilometres, is a land that serves sacred cultures to humankind.
This is why we found every wedding unique and appealing in its way, as every religion unfolds its culture and rituals on this day.

The Sacred Matrimony

Since the ancient ages of the Christianity belief, the priest has valued Sacred Matrimony as the divine relationship between men and women.
Following are the ten facts about sacred matrimony-

  • Saviour created marriages of a purpose
    The prime purpose of the marriage is to create faith between the men and women and provide love to their child and raise them with a sense of love, trust, and fear of God.
  • Provide Dignity
    For a Christian, every marriage is a sacrament, and providing dignity is the duty of every man and woman that belongs under catholicism. Speaking and transforming oneself into the truth adds up in proffering dignity to the Sacrament.
  • The Bride and Groom are the disciples of the Sacrament.
    The couple vows for togetherness in every stage of life and shower love and affection towards each other, and the couple cannot have any wife or husband after the marriage.
  • The marriage is based upon the law of church and God.
    The marriages bind all the essential laws of the wedding, like the church does not grant the permission to divorce to marry again, as it is necessary to situate proper respect and rights towards the Sacrament.
  • Accept all the rules of the marriage.
    The couple should be utterly assertive towards the marriage rules to be considered an authentic marriage. The bride and groom should respect and function all the laws of the parish.
  • The couple should receive Holy Communion.
    The couple must perform the ritual in the church to receive the holy blessings from the priest that the couple is blessed with all the happiness and prosperity.
  • Pray God for a happy marriage.
    The Catholics believe that to have a successful and blessed marriage, you must pray and believe in Christ and receive all the blessings of purity and prosperity.
  • Catholics shouldn’t consider marriage to non-Catholics.
    It is said that Catholics shouldn’t get married to non-catholic men or women as it breaks the law and faith of the community, and it is believed a breach of the rule.
  • Show Love and Affection
    The couple must shower love and affection towards each other at every stage of life. Many marriages turn into unsuccessful ones due to a lack of appreciation.
  • Family Prayer
    A family that prays together receives all the happiness globally and gets abundant blessings from God to live a prosperous life.

Saathi Mere promotes and respects every ritual and religion that brings peace and dignity to society.


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