Understanding Real Meanings of Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage!

Marriage is a phenomenon that truly brings a sense of purity and sacredness in the breeze of the family. In India, marriage is believed to be one of the precious moments of a person life as it completely twirls the life of the Bride and Groom.
Marriage drives the two personalities under the sed of each other and remains firm in every aspect of life. Undoubtedly weddings are said to be a heavy phenomenon. The grace of marriage is magnified in India as we are the land of seekers, and we seek every new opportunity to add up a sparkle on auspicious occasions.

Traits of Tradition

India is filled with pavam tradition and every, and there is a considerable involvement of tradition and rituals in the wedding in India. All the marriages in India, be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and other everyone, binds their purity of traditions in their wedding to amplify the beauty of the wedding.
Involvement of traditional values somehow fulfils the wedding, and there are abundant blessings in the traditional values that are initiated in the wedding, The marriage which inculcates all the rituals and traditions is considered to be a successive and complete wedding.
Weddings in India are beyond an occasion of happiness, and there is a colossal involvement of emotions, rituals, and traditions in an Indian marriage.
Evey culture unfolds sagacious rituals and practices that dignifies the charm and grace of the wedding, which shapes the occasion of a wedding in an eternal event.

Hindu marriage is believed to be the most enthusiastic and eye-dazzling marriage in India. It is filled with abundant chaos and tradition that has been followed for ages, which binds the majesty of the Hindu weddings and keeps the traditions and tradition values everlasting.

Seven Vows

The Seven Vows, known as ‘Saat Phere’, is the most eternal and essential element of the Hindu wedding. Seven Vows was brought into action in ancient times and is still prolonged in the 21st century.
The scale of the importance of the seven vows is barred so high that the wedding is incomplete without the Seven Vows. There will be a more extensive glimpse of Seven Vows whenever a Hindu marriage is showcased from reel life to real-life life.
In this blog, we will be unfolding the importance and meaning of the Seven Vows in Hindu weddings.

The meaning of Seven Vows

The Seven Vows are brought into action to massively bond the bride and groom to their prosperous life.

First Vow

The Bride vows to the Groom to bind care and happiness towards the family, while the groom Vows to uphold the responsibility of the family. This is the meaning of the First Vow.

Second Vow

There is a sense of loyalty and protection towards the Bride and family, and the Bride vows that she will thoroughly uphold the family’s responsibility and endow with compassion to care for the children and provide strength to the family.

Third Vow

Here, the Groom vows to the Bride to solemnly situate all the efforts to provide success to the family and lay a better education for the children.
The Bride vows the attribute of loyalty towards the Groom for her entire life and gives a sense of support to her husband.

Fourth Vow

The Groom respects all the attributes of the wife that she has initiated in making the married life spectacular and stands in her decisions.
The Bride unfolds to stand firm with the decision of her husband and respect all the family members.

Fifth Vow

In the fifth vow, the pair vows to shower love and respect towards each other, stand firm in every challenge and happiness in their lives, and thank God for blessing their family.

Sixth Vow

Here, the couple shower love and affection towards each other, spend every minute of happiness together with sheer togetherness and pray for a healthy life to God.

Seventh Vow

Here they sum up as Husband and Wife and untie with a single soul with two bodies. Here they are two of them in every aspect of their life and celebrate with absolute togetherness.

Here is the eternal meaning of Seven Vows. This signifies the emotional Hindu weddings are, and marriage is not just an occasion of celebration. It is beyond it.


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