What are weddings from home?

Weddings are the phenomenon that every individual takes as a crucial climacteric of their life. Especially in India where huge rituals and emotions resonate with serenity, a wedding is not just a matter of a one-day event, it is the only event in the family where every individual tends to drive their dream through the shoulder of the occasion.
The day when two individual steps into their second decorum of life are celebrated with huge chaos and merriment. This glorified event is called a wedding.
The Indian culture pours abundant importance towards the wedding, a wedding full of cheeriness and joy is the prime purpose of every Indian household.

The unfortunate wave of the current pandemic has brought a barricade to every event and aspect that brings us a sense of happiness. The covid air has adversely affected the nation in all measures. People are highly in search of a moment of positivity and taught revamping.
People who have scheduled their wedding are looking for an alternative option as the due can not be changed. The family and couple are searching for a decision to initiate the wedding with all safety and precaution but there will still be a ray of concern in the subconscious.

Pandemic and Love

The above terms love and pandemic are the most uncustomary terms as it was only the love before this miserable pandemic was arrived. Although love is a serendipity element that sees no other factors but the purity of an individual and on the path of this purity and tenderness there are a bunch of people who chose to tie a knot and spend the other half of their life together.
People have decided to host a wedding as there can not be a place to step back the decisions or postpone the due date. People have lifted the courage with the assistance of love and hosted a wedding in this pandemic.

Wedding From Home

The date of the wedding is to be issued to Wisley and once done it gets strenuous to shift or cancel it. And in this pandemic, while people who have chosen to tie-knot are assertive towards hosting a marriage by considering all the safety measures.
Hosting a wedding outdoors can be a matter of risk in this bizarre wave of the pandemic, although there will be all precaution and safety measures undertaken yet a chance of risk is floating.

Since people have solemnly espoused the ‘From Home’ culture such as work from, shop from home, grocery from home, a Wedding From Home is also in the light in this pandemic.

A wedding form is the safest and most successful wedding in this covid era. Earlier people were under the bubble of hesitation to host a wedding from home but today most of the couple are happily getting married with the concept of Wedding From Home.

Virtual Wedding

Virtuality is a highly used phenomenon in this pandemic, as it brings a sense of connectivity with social distancing.

  • The virtuality has assisted the concept as the zoom calls have brought the prime essence of the wedding where the guest could join and relish the event.
  • Not only guests but the pandit have also steeped the virtuality to complete the rituality.
  • All the events of the wedding such as Haldi, Sangeet, and Mehendi can be done under the concept of WFH (Wedding From Home). The concept has given an upper hand for a mellow wedding in these days of lockdown.

Speaking about the graph, according to research, 72% of the people have hosted a wedding from home in this lockdown.

There are a lot of matrimonial sites and event franchises that are arranging a virtual wedding, but if you don’t have the aid of any one of them, don’t worry you can host a virtual wedding yourself or connect with Saathi Mere for better assistance.


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